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Bunny Cashmere Balaclava

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A very cozy balaclava that is all about the soft recycled cashmere. This is a seriously warm one, and fits right around the face. Not itchy like wool but equally as warm! The perfect accessory for these chilly winter days to get us through to the last push before spring and for future winters to come, for skiing, skating, winter adventuring, or just keeping cozy enough not to freeze our face off while going around town. 

-Made of 100% recycled materials from discarded cashmere sweaters: cashmere knit, silk/cashmere blend, and wool/cashmere blend.

-Stretches on over the neck and can be pulled up to cover the chin. 

-Features ribbed neck band and ribbed band around the face to keep you all bundled & tucked in, and Finished with a lacey mohair crochet edge around your crown. 

Size: One size fits all.

Care: handwash in cool water and hang to dry is recommended to preserve your handmade piece. Although the cashmere was pre-washed it does run the risk of shrinking slightly if washed in very hot water.