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Cashmere Hot Water Bottle Cozy

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One of only 3 . Ready to ship from my Montreal studio.

A creature to cuddle, a hand to hold, a sleep-aid, truly the hot water bottle does it all ! As an avid user of my hot water bottle during winter for both pain relief and comfort, I decided to elevate the basic hot water bottle cozy into something extra special, with super soft cashmere sweater scraps patchworked together. 

Each one was made by quilting together recycled sweater scraps in cashmere, merino, and wool. Backed with soft bright red corduroy knit, these are cozy to cuddle from all sides. They are lined with a recycled cotton cloth and close with a cotton drawstring cord.


16" x 11" laying flat. 

*Please note, these do not include a hot water bottle! But they can be found inexpensively at most pharmacies.