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Cropped Superscrap Sweater

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The Superscrap Bunny Sweater was born out of saving materials from previous sweater projects. These pieces are my practice of slow and circular fashion, creating them only from waste! The Superscrap Sweater is sure to bring you joy, made lovingly and carefully, a patchwork of tiny bits of color! 

Materials: 100% recycled scraps of cashmere, angora, wool, and cotton knit. Handmade sweater drawstrings and recycled binding. Metal Zipper.

Each sweater comes together in a slow and intentional jigsaw puzzle process! And each one turns out completely one of a kind, and full of love and care. 

    The cropped version should hit right around the natural waist, great for wearing with skirts or jeans, or for layering. Features a front yoke seam, a metal zip, and bow drawstrings at the neckline and waistline to adjust the fit to your liking.Has a slightly dropped shoulder for a roomy shoulder and armhole fit, and a puffed sleeve, ending in a gathered wrist for a comfy and elegant look. Sweaters are finished with recycled ribbing and collar. 

    Sizing Info: 

    Small: 25-28" waist , 32-35" bust

    Medium: 28-32" waist, 34-37" bust

    Large: 32'35" waist, 37- 40" bust

    XLarge: 36-40" waist, 40-46" bust