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Single Leather Heart Keychain

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This listing is for ONE heart keychain, take a peek at the photo to see which style you like best and please leave a note at checkout describing: wings? Pompomps? Bows? A Queen of hearts crown? A blue heart?

Don't we all need *extra durable* material for our hearts these days?

These are a continuation of my heart talisman series, this time in recycled leather and suede, salvaged from upholstery and furniture samples in beautiful bright colors. Layers of leather are stitched and pieced together in a collage like fashion, making no single one the same as the next. Extra durable, tested and stressed since the previous series of hearts! Attached with a leather strap is a metal keyring, making these easy to attach to your bag, purse, backpack, or keys, Or even just sit still and hold them. They make great textural and calming"worry stones" to be kept in one's pocket and make great gifts for anyone whose heart needs a little extra support or reminder to stay strong. 

 If ordered on thier own, scrunchies and small items like keychains fit in a lettermail envelope and will ship for $3.00. If ordered combined with larger items, regular tracked  shipping rates will apply.