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Winter Bonnet

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The winter bonnet is extra cozy & soft , and fully reversible (turn it inside out if you want the coziest side on the inside!) It has a generous size for layering and ties at the chin that you can wear many ways: long, wrapped around, or in a bow.

-Made of 100% recycled wool and cashmere sweaters, and lined with jersey and wool scarves. 

Size: One size fits all.

It's almost a balaclava because you can tie it twice tighter to tuck in your face and ears on those icey-cold days, and its almost a hood because you can wear it tied more loosely under your chin for milder days, or for layering. 

Care: handwash in cool water and hang or lay flat to dry is recommended to preserve your handmade piece. Although the cashmere was pre-washed it does run the risk of shrinking slightly if washed in very hot water.