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Fluffy Daisy Keychain

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Lets hold these close in anticipation of Spring! These fluffy flowers are super limited edition. 

*Please Select 1 ($20), or 2, ($35)

These looped fluffy flowers were saved from vintage fabrics that were destined for the dumpster. Ive given them a new life as talismans. They're sewn onto a recycled leather backing and finished with leather leaves.  Keychain talismans are made of 100% scraps from my studio and reclaimed materials (excluding the metal keyring) so making them helps me get closer to by goal of becoming zero waste. 

Attached with a leather strap is a metal keyring, making these easy to attach to your bag, purse, backpack, or keys, Or even just sit still and hold them. They make great textural and calming"worry stones" to be kept in one's pocket and make great gifts for anyone whose heart needs a little extra support or reminder to stay strong.