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Sapphire Bodysuit - Lorette x Olive Rose

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Inspired by vintage swimwear and wool bodysuits from the turn of the 20th century, this collection in collaboration with handmade lingerie label, Lorette, reimagines Lorette's classic contour-fitting Olympia bodysuit with wool, mesh and cashmere patchwork fabric.

The Sapphire bodysuit is pieced together using recycled wool and cashmere from Olive Rose Studio combined with stretch mesh from Maison Lorette. The blue Sapphire bodysuit features a slightly longer length, of cheeky shorts with a ruffled lettuce-hem finish. It is finished with hand-made cotton binding and adjustable ties for the shoulder straps and back closure to assure a proper fit and support. 

Due to the reclaimed and up-cycled nature of the patchwork fabrics, the exact shade of fabric color may vary slightly from what is pictured. This makes the slight color variation in each piece special and one of a kind.

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This product ships directly from Olive Rose Studio in Canada.